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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bike Crash, Broken Pelvis, Girls Camp and our Temple Open House

Four weeks ago today, I was in a bike crash.  I was wearing a helmet, thankfully.  It was a casual easy going neighborhood stroll, when we came to a fork in the road.  I went straight, Scott went right, and my front tire caught his back tire.  I don't remember much after that, but I landed hard on the ground.  Thankfully he didn't crash, but heard me make some kind of sound when I fell.  He came over to check on me, and as I got up, I blacked out for a few seconds.  Thinking I just got up too quickly, we sat and waited for a few minutes, and then slowly got up.  My lower left quadrant felt weird, like something was wrong, but I could move slowly.  I got on my bike and rode 1/2 mile home.  After coming inside and resting in bed for a few minutes, I decided I should get up and clean up my road rash--scrapes on both knees, ankles, and a 3 inch scrape that burned through my shirt on my left shoulder.  As I was making my way to the bathroom, thankfully Scott had just come in to check on me.  I passed out again, this time for about 45 seconds, with some weird breathing a seizure type motions.  He caught me and helped me to the ground.  When I came to, we sent to the ER, thinking perhaps I had a concussion or some type of head injury.  After scanning my head, they scanned me from the waist to the knees and found I had fractured my pelvis.  They put some type of dye in my veins and then scanned me again to look for internal injuries, and found none.  So thankfully, my injury is one that doesn't require surgery, and just needs time and patience to heal.  My fainting spells were from the pain.  They kept me over-night to make sure I didn't faint again.  They dosed me with morphine to take the edge off the pain (mainly when I had to move, like walk to the restroom).  I was home by Friday afternoon with instructions to stay off my feet as much as possible and give it time to heal.  This was the most painful injury I've ever had.  The heavy drugs took the edge off, but moving my left leg, where it connects to the torso, even just a little bit, was extremely difficult.
Leaving the hospital, with Morphine to go.

My last post to this blog was about my bone density scan, with instructions to increase my Vitamin D and Calcium by huge amounts each day.  Obviously, my bones must have been compromised for a bike crash to cause such an injury.  I feel blessed that there were no other injuries.  I ended up with a huge, ugly 12 inch bruise that was black and yellow along the left side of my leg, between my knee and hip. Within 2 weeks my scrapes and scabs were gone.  They said it would be 4-6 weeks before I could walk normal.  I borrowed a wheel chair, which opened up a whole new world!  We have hard wood floors over most of the first floor of our house.  I could scoot wherever I wanted to go.  A good friend who had experienced this same injury, loaned me an amazing 2-3 inch thick memory foam pillow to sit on in my wheel chair.  

My bike crash happened on the afternoon before our annual youth conference at church.  I had to miss the conference--I was formally uninvited to attend without a note from my doctor and husband.  I really didn't feel up to it anyway, but hated missing it.  I did have 2 groups of girls stop by for a quick visit, which was really fun and made my weekend.  I was able to listen in on one of the group meetings via phone, which I also loved.  Adults sent videos and photos of the fun the youth were having.  On Saturday, groups went to 14 different cemeteries in the area, recording headstones for the Billion Graves Project (www.billiongraves.com)  They took over 3,500 photos of headstones!  It sounded like a great event.  

Eleven days after the crash was our annual church girls camp for a week.  After missing all of youth conference, I was determined to attend camp.  I found a place that would rent a golf cart for the week, delivering it to the camp.  They had a double seater for just a little extra, which was extra fun. I had a blast driving girls all over camp in the golf cart.  The girls decorated it with flowers and sparkly silver garlands.  Both seats were usually filled with girls riding along just for fun.  It was really fun having time to play and bond with them.  It poured rain almost every day of camp.  We splashed through wet tree branches, dousing everyone with even more water.  I had a wheel chair at the cement floored pavilion, and a rolling office chair at the dining hall.  So I could drive between the two places and all over camp, and spend very little time on my feet. After some heavy negotiating with my protective husband--I was determined to sleep at camp for two nights, he was determined for me to sleep at home every night--I wore him down and got to spend Wednesday night at camp, which was WONDERFUL!  Every other day of camp, he would drive me up late in the morning, get me safely situated on the golf cart, and remind everyone within ear shot to keep my in line and make sure I was very careful.  Then every night, my sweet almost-daughter Stephanie came up to camp, stayed until the evening activities were winding down, and then drove me home.  I found that the least painful way to walk was a type of zombie walk, step with the right foot, slide the left over, repeat, step slide, step slide.  One group of girls added this move to a dance routine, calling it the Tenney Shuffle.  When Scott saw that part, he was suspicious that every girl at camp knew that this was how I walked.  But, I really was careful not to be on my feet too long.  It was a wonderful week at camp.  They picked the golf cart up Friday at 4:00 p.m.  I stayed for the rest of the evening, and though camp ended Saturday at 11, my camp experience was over Friday night.  

Our Wonderful, Fun, Amazing Young Women and Leaders, Camp 2015

I love the atmosphere at our church girls camp.  It is a place full of love and acceptance. We learn about Jesus, his atonement, and how to serve others and be a witness for Christ.  We play hard and laugh a lot.  The older girls, ages 16 & 17, run the camp, with adult women working closely with them as supporters in the background.  This year's theme was "Your Happily Ever After", based on a talk given by Dieter Uchtdorf, a leader in our church.   It was a fitting theme, because the very next week was the start of our new temple's public open house.    

 The first day of public tours was Friday, July 17th.  Scott and I had an appointment to go the first morning.  It was SO wonderful to finally step inside this beautiful House of The Lord.  It has beautiful art work, lots of details to reflect things about the state of Indiana, and most of all a feeling of peace and gratitude.  The open house continues until August 8th.  After that, only members with an entry pass can go inside.  Click Reservations to schedule a free tour.   

Since today marks 4 weeks since my injury, I've started walking around.  I move SO much better than 4 weeks ago, but it feels like it may be a full 6 weeks before I can walk totally pain free.  I'm learning patience.  There is a lot of joy in the journey.  My family and friends are great at helping me laugh a lot while we make memories together.

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