Updates on Kathy's battle with breast cancer.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Have Courage and Be Kind -- Oncology Appointment & Bone Density Test.

Today was my 6 month check up with the oncologist.  My check up went well, there were no concerns.  I return to her again in 6 months, and to my surgeon in 3 months.  They alternate so I am seen by someone every 3 months.

I had a bone density scan on Monday to make sure my bones were healthy.  The Tamoxifen I take daily blocks the hormones that fed my cancer, so without those hormones, similar to going through menopause, the thickness of my bones can start to deteriorate.  The tech who performed that test said many patients are encouraged to take calcium supplements.  I haven't been doing that, but I have some dairy products every day.  I can start supplements.

Next month, I will be 3 years out from my diagnosis.  They say that you're at highest risk for recurrence during the first 2 years from diagnosis, so I'm encouraged that I'm out of the riskiest window of time.  My energy is still not at 100%, but it's sufficient for all that I need to do, and for most that I really want to do (I'm just learning to take it easy the day following a busy event).

April has been a big month.  We took a family cruise to 2 stops in Mexico over Easter, just before Heath and Courtney left for school.  It was so fun spending 5 days together.   Garrett & Jamisyn met us in New Orleans, and the rest of us drove 13 hours to the dock.  We saw some ancient ruins, a local tortilla factory, and went to a natural water park where we floated down a river in tubes, and some of our group jumped off of cliffs.  We ate, danced, laughed, and played hard.  It was a memory we will cherish forever.

Heath & Courtney left home and started a new semester of college in Idaho on Monday.

Last week, my dear friend Cristy flew in to celebrate our shared birthdays.  She spent the week helping all of us prepare for the annual Mormon Prom, "An Evening With Stars," which included an adult formal dance the night before.  We had fun dressing up in dresses from the prom dress boutique in our basement (the same one where girls can borrow modest dresses for prom).  I found a full skirt that reminded me of the recent Cinderella movie.  It was SO fun to wear.  You could spin, and it flowed.  I FELT like Cinderella in it!  Craig & Tina Photography took these twirling photos and decoration photos before prom started, so I could surprise Scott with a picture of his own Cinderella.
Both dances were very fun.

Since my last post, the open house of our new Indianapolis Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been announced.  The public Open House is free and will last for three weeks, starting on Friday, July 17th.  The link will give you more information.  We are SO excited for this wonderful blessing!

I get to serve with these wonderful women.  


  1. So glad you have been given many wonderful blessings. You are a gift! <3

  2. I'm thrilled to read your update. You uplift me and I'm a better person just because I know you