Updates on Kathy's battle with breast cancer.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

Last day of chemo!!
My niece & nephews celebrating.
Oh Happy Day...Oh happy day...Oh happy day....Oh happy day....I’ve been singing my favorite gospel song since Monday!  It  is sooo exciting to be finished with chemo!  Garrett is working out of  Indy until after the election (reporting in Ohio,  Illinois, and Indiana), so he and Courtney were my chemo partners, since Scott had to leave town Sunday night.  The oncologist met with me for the 3rd time in this process (my first visit was the consultation, my second was the first day of Taxol, and then Monday, the final dose of Taxol).  He was amazed at my response to the chemo.  He had hoped for some shrinkage, and had mentioned early on that 50% reduction would be a good response.  On Monday, by physical exam, he could not find the tumor.  He said with my type of cancer (progesterone & estrogen positive), it was the best response he’s ever seen.  It was exciting to hear.  The tumor area was marked with a titanium clip in May when they did the biopsy, so the surgeon will know where to remove the tissue. 

Smile!  Chemo complete!!

Monday’s final chemo day included friends delivering a huge “Congratulations” balloon bouquet, several “thinking of you” texts from friends, over 200 Facebook “likes,” and a delicious enchilada dinner ready to eat upon our arrival home!  It was a great day! 

Halloween night was fun.  We dressed up to pass out candy.  Courtney painted a blue arrow on my fuzz head so I could be Avatar the last air bender.  We had hot chocolate by the fire pit after the trick or treating stopped. 

It was amazing watching hurricane Sandy’s far reaching destruction.  No matter what storms come our way, putting our faith and trust in God gives us the peace and power needed to carry us through whatever recovery we have to face.   I feel and appreciate the power of group prayer.  I’m so thankful for all of the prayers offered for my health and for my family.  We have felt the peace and comfort, and we deeply thank you for your support.  Our prayers continue for everyone affected by hurricane Sandy.                  


  1. Such great news, and you are an inspiration, never letting this get you down!! I'm so happy you've made it to this point and are amazing the doctors. Thanks for sharing the journey and helping all of us to be grateful and appreciate God's power in our lives!!

  2. Such good news from your doctor!!!! Love you!