Updates on Kathy's battle with breast cancer.

Monday, June 25, 2012

We are Fighters

We just returned from a fabulous week at the beach.  The weather was perfect, with highs in the 80's.  The waves were great for boogie boarding.  We ate fresh gulf shrimp almost every day.  I was able to jog and play tennis.  My energy levels were the highest they've been since starting chemo.  We really felt like we were blessed with a miracle.   Round two of chemo has predictably followed the same patterns of round one.  My lowest energy days were again, Saturday and Sunday, days 13 and 14.  It worked out perfectly, resting during the entire drive home.  Kirsten and Weston are now with us until August.  It will be so nice having them with us for the summer.  

At our reunion, we had a talent show night.  For those that know us well, we aren't a family with an abundance of talent show type skills.  Our show consisted of a show and tell, a fish face, card tricks, and three videos.  I'm including Heath's in this blog, because it brought a lot of laughter, and is a great description of my closest support team.  Enjoy!!  

On a spiritual note, in reading through the four gospels, something that has stood out to me this reading is the healing of the blind.  These healings seem to be one of the most frequent types of healings Christ performs, yet He heals each one in an individualized way.  In thinking about this, it seems Christ is trying to teach us about blindness to the spiritual things in life.  He is the light, but if we are spiritually blind, we can't see or recognize His light.  As we come to Him, our eyes are healed to be able to see things as He sees them.  It seems that spiritual vision is a life-long process, but as we draw near to Christ, we are more able to see the things that He desires for us to see.  This cancer journey has helped me better recognize His hand in many things.  I'm thankful for my Savior and His loving watchful care as we climb this mountain together.  I'm thankful for the kind acts, notes, suggestions, prayers, and love that continue to bless my life.  Thanks for being part of our team!  Your love is felt!  WE are fighters.


  1. YES! You are all FIGHTERS! Love the video and I am so proud of you and your wonderful family. GO TEAM TENNEY!!

  2. What a great video! Had to laugh when I saw Scott standing in the living room looking ready to rumble--it reminded me of his "Terrible Tenney Tickle Monster!" What a testament to the wonderful wife/mother/friend/etc. you are! Keep fighting! cj :-)

  3. So fun to see pictures of your BEAUTIFUL family and all the smiles! Family time is priceless!

  4. LAWWWWV the video..(sung in my best soprano voice). Hummm...Ok..yeah....can I borrow them next week? I have an especially challenging challenge, and could use some back up!

  5. I just watched Heath's video for the first time and I loved it. I think the reason I am so touched by you and your family is because these are not simply words you are saying, your actions back you up time and time again. You guys are not only fighters against cancer, but I am constantly amazed at what fighters you all are against, evil, and sin and bad influences. It is a real pleasure to know the Tenney/Bush clan!