Updates on Kathy's battle with breast cancer.

Monday, May 21, 2012

It's a Wonderful Life.

So, on this blog, to save readers time, I will try to give the medical update in the first (today 2nd) paragraph, then more details in the following paragraphs, ramble about other things of interest, and finally finishing up with something that gave me comfort or inspiration.  So, you can choose how much detail, or what you're after, and just skip to the appropriate paragraph.  But, I do have attention deficit, and as my family can attest, I'm known to quickly change subjects with no advance warning, so read at your own risk.

Medically since my last update, the MRI results came back, confirming everything known from the previous tests and not showing any additional areas of concern.  Also, I found the names of the AC-T chemo drugs, for any that are curious:  I started today with the first of 4 treatments of Adriamycin and Cytoxan.  They will be given 3 weeks apart.  They say that usually some of the hardest days will be in the range of day 3-10, when the chemo starts doing its work.  With the drugs they now have, the biggest side affect is lack of energy.  We'll see how it goes.

Today was a great day.  Scott and I were anxious about the unknown, but I felt a peace about it, thanks to prayers and blessings.  It feels so great to be over the hurdle of this first treatment.  This first series (the next 12 weeks) is supposed to be the hardest on my body, so it feels good to have it started.  If you've seen the movie, "It's a Wonderful Life," with Jimmy Stewart, there's a part in the movie that repeats a few times.  Whenever a bell rings, his heavenly helper tells him that every time a bell rings, it means an angel has earned its wings.  Today, I had a similar experience.  My phone's texting "ding" was going off all day long--but it was earthly angels sending notes of love, encouragement, and support.  It was so fun!!  It really helped a lot.  It was easy to read them when I had a chance, and hopefully I can respond to them at some point too.  It really helped lift us through a day we were worried about.

Another great treat was a visit from two dear friends, and sisters, Christy & Beth.  They came by during the final hour of treatment.  They brought a bag of healthy snacks, and turned my first chemo day into a party--provided us with laughs and laughter.  It was so much fun!  It was also a tender mercy for Scott and an answer to his prayers.  He has leave town in the morning and was worried about leaving me.  These great friends helped him realize that there are many friends near by, that are ready and available to step in as needed.  But wait, it gets even better!  The cancer center has my favorite kind of ice, and endless drinks and snacks--for free!  AND, when I left, I got to choose a hand knitted hat!  There was a drawer full of hats knitted or crocheted by volunteers.  I hear that bald heads get cold at night--so now I'm set!  I'm so thankful to the kind, loving person that made this green hat for me!!  I know this is like an info-mercial, but THEN on our way home, we went by Zogurts, a local stop we love.  They didn't have my favorite flavor, but he said he could make it out of vanilla.  Adam, the owner, asked, "So what's new with your family today?"  We told him we were celebrating the completion of my first chemo treatment.  When we checked out--he said mine was taken care of, to wish me well on my adventure.  To make a great day even better, when we arrived home, the kids had cleaned the main floor living areas, and re-arranged the furniture in a very attractive way.  It was such a fun surprise and so nice to walk in to!

Now, to rapidly totally change the subject, Mormon Prom was SO much fun.  I enjoyed every minute of the preparation AND the event.  It was so fun seeing the youth dressed up--gorgeous young women and handsome young men!  It was fun watching them have a good time.  The food was beautiful and amazing.  The light show with the lanterns was really fun.  I'm so glad I was able to attend it and enjoy it to its fullest.  I'm so thankful for all of the helping hands that came together to make it such an amazing event.  Pictures are up on facebook.

So now, to close down with something that gave me comfort, yesterday in church, visiting the Beech Grove Ward for their conference, the closing hymn was "I Need Thee Every Hour".  This is a hymn that's always provided comfort, but it hit me extra strong with the anticipation of Monday's treatment and the kick off of this battle.  Here's a link to the hymn if it might provide comfort to you with anything you may be struggling with.  I know that our Savior lives, providing us with peace and comfort when the storms of life hit us.


  1. Glad I could be there in church to see that moment unfold. You helped me feel the meaning of that hymn as I thought about your mountain. I'm so glad to know you Kathy.

  2. Hey mom, I love you so much!!! Ok, so when laura went through chemo, she lost all of her hair too. But that was before we got together. She told me that they donated wigs and hats to her too and that she was very thankful and the came in handy on those windy days and night lol! She also says that the chemo will sometimes leave marks on your skin but she calls them warrior marks lol she funny. I don't know if you'll have to but she had ports in her chest where she received the chemo treatments. She said it was very hard and she got really weak at times too but she said hang in there and be strong and never lose sight of your goal! And as always have FAITH!! We love you mom and tell everyone we said hello

  3. What a blessing to see tender mercies being placed along your path already. I hope there are hundreds more to come!

  4. Kathy,

    God bless you sweet friend. Your attitude sounds awesome! You are a fighter and a lover - both traits will get you through this wonderfully. Know that Rich and I are thinking and praying for you. You are amazing! God bless!!!

    Love You,
    Ann Herlin

  5. You're the best mom. I can't wait to be home and get to be your mom for a month! haha :) Love you!

  6. I'm so glad that you are surrounded by such wonderful people. Christy and Beth are the perfect duo to help you through! Your family is amazing, but that's not a big surprise - they've seen you serve everyone for years and years - they have learned from the best! I'm glad that day 1 was so full of blessings for you!

  7. You are my hero already! What an amazing woman of great faith. You have blessed the lives of so many through tireless service and dedication. Your example continues to strengthen the faith of many around you. You and your family will continue to be in the thoughts and prayers of many! We love you and support you. Christy and Beth are an amazing duo...I'm so glad they came to party with you today!!